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How can I create a design system that stands out and communicates all the activities of the brand? 

I also worked with DeDO for many years as a visual artist at their festival, Tupper creating live visual performances and mapping installations with musicians & DJs across a wide variety of venues across Barcelona.

The Process


Definition of the brand structure and activities, visual investigation with moodboards.


I took morse code as inspiration for the visual representation of sound, and applied this to create sub-logos.

Style Guide

Development of basic brand guidelines for the team to use in the development of future applications.


Design of applications for all brand needs: posters, flyers, website system, roll-ups, stamp, stickers, business cards, social media.



I presented the brand identity to the at the festival. DeDO continue to implement the original design (from 2014).


Photography: Alice Brazzit

Website: Fabio Rose

DeDO Cultural Association

Branding & Web Design*

This project was a challenge to design a TV channel starting with just the logo, covering everything from tone of voice to all the different sub channels, idents, mobile first website... basically, everything...

Project type: branding
Client sector: cultural association (music)
Languages: Spanish
Formats: promotional materials, merchandising, signage, events design, live visuals

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