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How can adapt animations into a printed poster format?

During the lockdown in Barcelona, we were only able to leave the house for food and other essential items. Not even to exercise. I dedicated my time to creating a series of typographic animations in 2D & 3D to represent my thoughts and recurring topics during the 49 days we were inside.

The Process


On a daily basis I created a new typographic animation, either practising my skills or learning a new technique.


I wrote a list of recurring themes and curiosities about what was happening around me, words, phrases, quotes.


I created a colour palette that I would use for all the animations. I chose a primary coloured palette to represent the idea of 'basic'.


I edited a full video to music to illustrate the development of emotions and the situation, using the film 28 days as a reference with the music by John Murphy.


I adapted the project for the poster competition, using a grid to represent the idea of feeling caged in during lockdown. I also created an animated version of the poster.


My poster was displayed the Vienna edition of the festival and I was awarded with vouchers for printing.

Forward Festival

Creative crisis competition*

The brief was to design an A3 poster to represent your creative activity during lockdown in 2020. I decided to animate a word or phrase that resonated on that particular day, to create a complete series of typographic animations.

Project type: animation, typography
Client sector: personal project
Languages: English
Formats: Animation series, poster & video

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