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How can I make people see music?

I collaborated closely with the artist, Groovycosta, to understand his creative process and try to mimic it through mine.

The video is pending release (any minute now!), so I designed a promotional poster using shots from the clip to represent the overall colour of the track.

Get in touch if you'd like to see it.

The Process


Self-generated brief to challenge myself to visualise sound in more detail.


Some basic collection of visual references and styles that looked how the music sounded to me.


Layering. I wanted to layer the animation in a similar way to how the track was 'built.'

Creation of clips

I built short 3D abstract clips (Cinema 4D) to represent different moods and rhythms in the track.


Then I created a montage in After Effects and making use of blend modes and effects to build layers and atmosphere.


I organised the collage into ambient sections to represent the changing moods in the track.

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Lindrum techno

Music video*

The challenge: explore the representation of techno music to create an music video using 2D & 3D animation, intended for use as an immersive performance, with the aim to make people 'see' the music.

Project type: music video, 2D & 3D animation
Client sector: electronic music
Languages: Music :)
Formats: video

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