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Collaborating with an expert in communications, we re-established the communication strategy. Then, taking the existing logo & colours as a base, I developed a new visual language that would speak to the vibrant, creative minds of the makers that love it.

The identity consists of a redesigned website, social media strategy & accompanying templates, photoshoot as well as promotional materials to use both online & offline.

Makers of Barcelona

Branding & Web Design*

Makers of Barcelona is a chameleon-like coworking family and place to call home that is constantly evolving, transforming and adapting in order to be relevant to its context since it was founded in 2011. In 2020, with a new CEO & structural changes, MOB felt the need to revamp, recreate & to realign itself with its community more than ever.

Project type: branding, web, art direction
Client sector: coworking
Languages: Spanish & English
Formats: website, social media, photoshoot

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