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How can I build a design system with enough scalablity to build a TV channel?

I created a design system based on the concept of an icosahedron. Each sub-channel is represented by colour and the whole channel is brought together through shape. The benefit of using a shape was that I could take advantage of both the 2D and 3D aspect of it, making reference to paper, origami and crafts. The triangle component could be adapted infinitely across different spaces, to build elements, icons, signage and even typography making the brand 100% scalable in the future.

Word of Mouth

Branding & Web Design*

This project was a challenge to design a TV channel starting with just the logo, covering everything from tone of voice to all the different sub channels, idents, mobile first website... basically, everything...

Project type: branding, web design
Client sector: TV channel
Languages: Spanish & English
Formats: website, merchandising, posters

The project began with the development of the brand concept. As the project was large scale, I used a design system in order to cover the wide range of supports needed. Then I translated this to a mobile first website design before developing a wide range of static and animated applications.

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